When I first got the phone call to photograph this wedding, I instantly loved that the bride and I shared the same name! (Sara without an H)! And the grooms name is so close to my last name, Brigham/Bingham, that’s cool right?!  I just love weddings at the Reno Temple. There’s a special simplicity to it. The ceremony in the temple is not allowed to be photographed due to sacred religious reasons and their reception was held in Utah, so my job was to photograph them exiting the temple, celebrated by family and close friends, and then photograph their individual portraits. 

It was a perfect warm and sunny day in April here in northern Nevada. Spring and Fall weddings are secretly my favorite. It’s not too hot or too cold. The weather is simply perfect. Also Reno really does have some fantastically beautiful spring blossoms around town, but unfortunately we didn’t get much of that is these photos since it was still a little to early in April. 

Something special I have all my wedding couples do is fill out a questionnaire form that gives me detailed information about their wedding day. One of the things I love to have them share with me is their story. How they met and how the proposal went down. I’m a classic romantic at heart. I also feel like it connects me a little more to my couples. A HUGE thank you to Brigham and Sara for having such sweet family and friends. Thank you to Montse Wadsworth for being an awesome mother of the bride and working so flawlessly with me. Each time a couple chooses me to be their wedding photographer, my heart becomes a little fuller.

If you’d like to read their story, and get to know this couple a little better, keep reading. If not, please scroll down to see highlights from their wedding photos!

Our love story began in October of 2018. We were both beginning another semester at BYU Idaho. Of course, neither of us knew the other existed and were going about our lives. Both of us happened to be enrolled in a 400 level Integrated Pest Management course. At BYU Idaho, that means pretty much every student in that class was married. No really, there were only 3 single guys in that class. One day the professor called on a girl to answer a question. With her hand in the air he realized she had no ring on her finger, SHE WAS SINGLE! From that moment his whole view of her changed; from the very beginning he thought she was very beautiful. He could see in a sense that she was a very special one of a kind girl and he was very determined to get to know her. After a few failed attempts of trying to sit next to her in class and one swift dodge in the hallway from her, one day there was finally an empty seat next to her!! Brigham was excited and happy, but there were definitely some nerves involved. Sara was reading her textbook and taking notes when she heard the chair screech against the floor as someone pulled it to sit down. 

“Hey, what’s yer name?”

was all it took for Sara to learn two things, one – with an accent like that he was from the South. Two – he had the kindest most humble eyes she’d ever seen and knew he was pure gold. Brigham was indeed from the south, a little town in north Florida where they had a small cattle farm. This piqued Sara’s interest even further seeing as how this was a conversation she could relate to (being from a small town in Northern Nevada) and enjoy. After getting to know each other for the next two hours during class through whispers and getting Sara’s number, Brigham walked her to her next stop on campus. That weekend Sara thought about Brigham a lot and how good she felt around him and the sweet spirit he had about him. Brigham couldn’t get Sara off of his mind either, but he just couldn’t let himself text her too fast and scare her off. He felt he couldn’t act too quickly and boldly. Two days later Sara received a simple text asking how her weekend had been with her sisters who were visiting from home. This touched Sara that he would ask a question like this instead of the normal “what’s up. Brigham soon asked Sara on a group date to a local straw maze. Later that night they found out the maze was haunted and Sara started flinging Brigham in front of her for protection. Brigham quite enjoyed it and didn’t mind her constant contact, however harsh and sometimes painful from fingernails. 


The days and weeks following were filled “homework sessions” at the park where they ended up just walking, talking, laughing, and flying a little remote control airplane. They enjoyed many of their favorite activities together like hiking, painting, exploring, etc.  The evening usually ended with some dinner and more talking. One Sunday afternoon Brigham asked Sara if she wanted to go for a drive in his old first gen pickup. They enjoyed going on out in the country away from people and buildings where they could see beauty. They drove for a bit when Brigham asked Sara if she’d like to drive some. Sara grew up driving manual equipment and trucks and was slightly embarrassed when the truck would budge. Come to find out it was because she was too short to push the clutch in all the way (they had a good laugh about that. Their feelings grew stronger and stronger every day. When Brigham left for two weeks to visit Poland, they couldn’t wait to be back together again. The night Brigham got back to the US, he drove all night from the airport in Utah back to Rexburg while Sara talked to him on the phone. They each got a whole hour of sleep before getting up at 5 am to have enough time before classes to see each other because they couldn’t stand it any longer. This was a relationship that was different than any of them had ever experienced before. They both realized that this was the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives and forever with.

The engagement – Brigham asked Sara if he could take her for a drive and they went out in their favorite area in the country, exploring around the different roads in the fields and mountain areas. Finding a beautiful spot on a mountain ledge overlooking a canyon and fields with the sun setting. They got out the truck to enjoy the beautiful scenery all around. They talked about how sweet and magical everything had been together and how they didn’t want it to ever end. Brigham got on his knee and asked Sara if she would be his wife. Sara started smiling and trying not to laugh and cry (which she did anyway) said, “Awe Brigham, of course you silly goose!” 




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