Reno Nevada Family Photo Session

Family photo sessions in the fall are the dreamiest am I right? This is the 6th year in a row that I have had the privilege to photograph this cute family. They will always have a soft spot in my heart as they have stuck with me from the very beginning. I can't thank them enough for all their support over the years. THANK YOU GUYS!!! They trusted me to pick the location, and this spot in Reno has been a favorite of mine for years. It's a goody all year round with gorgeous tree blossoms in the spring, wild flowers in the summer, and these colorful willow trees in the fall.   

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Michelle and Annie’s business head shots by Reno Tahoe Photographer

Sharing a few favorites from Michelle and Annie's photo session. Annie contacted me over the summer looking for updated head shots for her and her new business partner. Annie is a family physician from the Bay Area and Michelle has co-founded multiple small business start ups from Salt Lake area. Their most recent venture is Village Baby, it takes a village! Where they share information and inspiration for the journey of parenthood.  With their newest blog post sharing 10 thing you don't need on a baby registry. These amazing and accomplished women are both moms of 3. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know them and all about their business. They wanted photos to show their fun but professional side, and also images highlighting their friendship. They were staying in Glenbrook (Lake Tahoe, NV) so we just walked out their front door and found some great back drops.  As always, thank you for checking out the blog and viewing my work!    

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Reno LDS Temple Wedding with Jonah & Sheli by Reno Tahoe Photographer

    Jonah and Sheli were married on August 17th, 2019 in the Reno Nevada LDS temple. They both have siblings currently serving missions for the church, and therefore weren't able to attend the wedding. So they had life size poster cut outs of each sibling that we included in the photos! Sheli's sister was given special permission to face time the couple once they exited the temple. You'll see the couple holding a phone in one of the images below! Technology is a beautiful thing. One of my favorite things from their reception was the homemade ice cream sandwich bar, which was a big hit. I love that idea! Also at the reception, instead of a standard guestbook, they had Jenga blocks out for people to leave comments, well wishes, date night suggestions, etc. This generation has gotten so creative. I also loved how the bride separated her bridal party into different colors. Her family, his family, and friends. The couple ended the night with bang as their loved

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Milk Bath Maternity Photos by Reno Tahoe Photographer

This mama called to schedule her maternity photo session months ago. She expressed her desire for the traditional maternity family photos but then asked about a milk bath option.  I've seen and heard about milk bath maternity shoots for 2 years now, but have never had the opportunity to photograph one. We started with an outdoor location, to capture the traditional family photo  pictures, then moved inside for the milk bath part. Can I tell you I LOVED it!! I totally understand now why milk bath photography has become so popular. The focus isn't on the location, outfit or props. Instead, we just focused on the beautiful mom-to-be embracing the end of her pregnancy in an intimate environment. She was so relaxed and calm throughout the entire shoot.  And did you know that milk actually helps exfoliate and clean the skin? I totally wanted my own milk bath afterwards! Thank you Kayla for pushing me out of my comfort zone by asking me to do something I had never done before. I

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Montgomery Family Photos in Truckee California by Reno Tahoe Photographer

Montgomery Family Photos in Truckee California by Reno Tahoe Photographer   I first met this adorable family two years ago when they were vacationing in Lake Tahoe with their extended family. This family is the epitome of sweetness. There has always been a special place in my heart for twin girls, since my baby sisters are twins. This family invited me up to their cabin in Truckee California. Family sessions at home are always my favorite. How lovely are these aspen trees with their ever changing colors??  I especially loved the hand built ski lift seat that the dad made. He was so proud and excited to get a family photo with it.   

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Arias Fall Family Photos at Bower Mansion by Reno Tahoe Photographer

Reno Fall Family Photo Session  This family photo session took place just outside of Reno Nevada, at Bower's Mansion. I met this beautiful woman last year at a Rising Tide Society group for small business owners. If you know her, you know how absolutely creative and talented she is! She's the owner and creator of Lahontan Letterworks. She designed my logo and my business cards. If you're a small business owner and looking for someone to collaborate with you should for reals, give her a call! I love photographing families and just letting them be in their element. Every family photo session is different. Because every family is different. I guide and pose but also allow for real smiles and movement. I'm so happy it's fall and excited to finish up this year strong. If you haven't booked your family photo sessions for this year yet, what are you waiting for?!?!    

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