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A few months back I photographed my first ever maternity milk bath session. Well now that little guy is here safe and sound. Since I started focusing my time mostly on wedding, engagement, and family sessions, I have not photographed newborn sessions lately. Also after trying to grow our family for 5 years straight with zero success, being around these precious little newborns was a tad heart breaking for me. As they say “time heals all wounds” I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Especially since I have a handful of newborn sessions on calendar for 2019. After some time off, I had forgotten just how tricky these newborn photo sessions can be. Therefore I thought I’d share 5 tips I’ve learned over the years with photographing newborns, and hope it might help any of you just starting out!


 Sara’s tips for a successful newborn photo session.

Tip#1 Timing. I try to schedule my newborn photo sessions between day 4-8 of the babies birth.

Tip#2 Finding the right space. I don’t own a studio – YET! So as soon as I enter my client’s home I find a room with large window light and minimal noise.

Tip#3 Keep it warm. I keep the space warm by either having my clients adjust the thermostat to 78-80 degrees or bringing in space heaters. I also like to use heading pads to warm the blankets prior to wrapping the baby in them or placing baby on top of them.

Tip#4 Interact with the parents. Take their advice on what time works best for their feeding schedule. Also ask their opinion on blankets, hats, baskets, and other props. Most parents have some of their own items, but others just like to use what I bring. In this particular photo session the mom added the knights blanket, the letter board, the stuff animal (a gift from big brother) and the monkey beanie. This creates a personal touch for the photos.

  Tip#5 Be patient. This is a human child you are working with. They will need to be fed, changed, and calm in order for you to have successful photos. They are fragile. They won’t stay in the position you put/want them in. They move and cry. My newborn sessions on average last 2 hours. 




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